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Longwood Area and The Muddy River

The Old Longwood Ave. Bridge
Built in 1887, replacing a previous bridge. Taken down in August 1897. This photo was probably taken by Alexis H. French, the Brookline town engineer responsible for the design of the new stone bridge.
Longwood Ave. Bridge with Sears Chapel in the background
West of the bridge, looking east at the chapel from the park foot path
Longwood Stone Bridge
Looking east with Sears Chapel in the background. Construction completed October, 1899.
Muddy River & Longwood Ave. Bridge
Looking east at the newly-constructed (October, 1899) bridge. Sears Chapel in the background.
Muddy River, Longwood Ave. Bridge
Looking west
Netherlands Rd. bridge over the Muddy River [confirmation pending]
Looking northwest at the garage roof and rear of the Murray house at 203 Kent St.
Longwood Towers From the Riverway
Longwood Ave. looking west, circa 1909.
197-199 Longwood on left. Driveway from the former Dexter Richard estate right foreground.
269 Kent Street
House of George F. Bouvé. Longwood Ave. is on the left, 259 Kent visible to the right, both houses still standing.
[Source: Historic New England]
108 Longwood Ave., 1888.
Home of Joseph R. Winch, no longer standing. 100 Longwood is partially visible on the left.
100 Longwood Ave., 1888
North side of Longwood, midway between St. Paul and Marshall St., no longer standing.
83 Longwood Ave, October 1908
Corner of St. Paul, looking east on Longwood Ave. Brick fence of the Charles G. Way house at #73 Longwood is visible at the far right, #83 is to its left.
[Source: Digital Commonwealth]
90 Longwood Ave.
House of James Adams famly, no longer standing.
[Source: Historic New England]
86 Longwood Ave., 1888
Home of Jacob P. Bates. No longer standing.
Longwood Ave., November 1915
Looking east from St. Paul St., #86 is on the immediate left. Visible houses are no longer standing.
[Source: Olmsted]
73 Longwood Ave., 1888
St. Paul St. going south, to the right. House of Charles G. Way. No longer standing. #83 Longwood is partially visible on the left, it is still standing today as the Beech Tree Inn.
5 Longwood Ave., 1888.
Looking east on Longwood to the left. To the right is Harvard St. Home of Levi Willcutt. #11 Longwood Ave., home of William Bittenbender, is partially visible on the left.
203 Kent St., 1888.
Residence of Edward W. Murray, no longer standing.
256 Kent St., 1888.
House of John Gardner Curtis and his wife, Helen Mary Bramhall. Northwest corner of the old Stearns St., now Newell Rd., the house is no longer standing. It is likely that the little girl in the photo is their daughter, Harriett G. Curtis, born 26-Nov-1884.
9 Francis St., 1888.
Residence of George P. May. Kent St. to the right, the old Lawrence School is partially visible on the left. House still standing.
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